Mini Research Reports

Are you ready to write some cool mini-reports? I created 4 packs to write 4 different reports. These reports include: states, country, animal, and biography. These reports and perfect for classrooms 2nd-5th grade. Each report has students writing facts and gluing or drawing pictures to complete their report. Once finished, these look great in your reading center. These reports will be ready for all to read, enjoy, and learn from. Use these for your class projects, as homework assignments, or for early finishers. You can purchase all 4 packs in one or they are available as individual products as well.
 Mini Reports Bundle for 4 products
Here are some of the images of the reports:
 Mini Animal Report Mini Country Report Mini Biography Reports Mini States Report
These mini reports will be easy for you to prepare and fun for the students to gather information and report it into these mini books. Just print and report! 

Here are some more of my mini ideas:
 Mini Workbook Using Money Mini Workbook using Elapsed Time  Mini Writing Workbook
 Mini Workbook using 4 Digit Numbers  Mini Workbook Using 3 Digit Place Value Mini Workbook using 2 Digit Place Value
 Mini Workbook using Simple Addition Word Problems Mini Workbook using 2 Digit Word Problems

I also have a set of 15 National Symbols that can be used for research. Students read the 15 reading passages and write a mini-report about our national symbols in the United States. Each reading passage also comes with a reading comprehension sheet. This is a great pack to use during your reading or social studies time.

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