FREE Jar of Fractions Game

 FREE Jar of Fractions dice game
Freebie! A Jar of Fractions Game. This game uses 2 dice to form fractions. For example, if you roll a 2 and a 6, you can make the fraction 2/6. Players cover the fraction picture that shows 2/6. The first player to cover 5 fractions in the jar is the winner. For a longer game, cover 10 fractions.

This game is perfect for students learning about fractions. Students will reinforce that the denominator will be the biggest number. Click the picture above to download this freebie!

 A Jar of Winter Games
If you're a K-2 teacher, you'll want to grab this dollar deal, A Jar of Winter games. This pack has 8 games using dice. Plus, the Jar of Fractions game is included with a snowman theme. If your students need some practice on their addition facts, click here. These games are great for early finishers or at or math centers. 

 Candy Jar Fractions with Google Form Links Distance Learning
Candy Jar Fractions includes 30 printable task cards and 2 worksheets. I just added another 30 task cards to this pack using Google Forms Self Grading Quizzes. There are 3 quizzes included in this pack. Use the task cards for ongoing practice and use the Google quizzes for pre and post assessments. 
 Example of Candy Jar Fractions

Here are more Fraction Ideas for 2-5 classrooms:

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 Cooking Up Some Fractions Word Problems Compare and Order Fractions Super Fractions Worksheets
 Free Brownie Fractions Pizza Dog Fractions are great for math centers

Here are Fractions Resources you may need for the classroom:
Magnetic Fraction Pieces
Fraction Tower
Fraction Formula Game
Fraction Tiles
Fraction Flashcards
Simple Fraction Tiles
Bulletin Board Posters

 Fraction Resources for the Classroom
Click here to find more fraction resources from Teacher's Take-Out.

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