Free Would You Rather Meet Rosa Parks or MLK

I am delivering a FREE writing assignment for your students during Black History Month. It's s difficult writing prompt and will get students thinking. This summer, I created a pack of "Would you Rather..." writing prompts to encourage more writing in the classroom. To get my students writing this holiday, I presented them with this prompt... Would you rather meet Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King Jr? 
Would You Rather Writing Prompt
Personally, I wish I could meet both and it's really hard to choose but it would have to be Rosa Parks for me. Her bravery to not give up her bus seat makes me want to cheer and say, "You go girl!" No offence to Martin Luther King Jr. He truly has stood his own bravery and brought awareness of how people were not being treated fairly according to the color of their skin. I wouldn't miss an opportunity to meet him too. This prompt is too hard! 

If you are studying any famous people, try this writing prompt: Would you rather meet ___ or ___? You could also do this with characters in a story you are reading or with authors. Would you rather meet Dr. Seuss or Beverly Cleary?

I am offering this FREE worksheet: Would you rather meet Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King Jr? This worksheet is ready to go. All you have to do is print! Students state their opinion. Write three reasons why they support this and end with a closing statement. This is a great opportunity to use some persuasive or opinion writing in the classroom. Just click the picture above to download it and begin using it in your classroom today or click HERE

Would You Rather Opinion Starters
When I was creating the "Would You Rather... Opinion Starters", I thought of using the Rosa and Martin worksheet in the pack but I saved it to use during Black History Month and MLK Day. This writing pack, "Would You Rather..." writing prompts, has a variety of topics that you can use anyday. Click the picture on the left to read more about these opinion worksheets.

Mini Biography Reports for any famous person
Are you working on biographies? I just created this Mini-Biography Report that is ready to go at anytime. The students do all the work. They research and find information on any person they want to study. Students fill in the information on the pages provided and assemble it into a mini-book. Click the picture on the left to read more about it. 

Here are my favorite MLK and Rosa Parks books that I found on Amazon. Click below to read about each book:

Here's to MLK Day!
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