Pumpkin Activities and Ideas

I have a few fun pumpkin ideas for you to use this fall season. Scroll down below to see all my pumpkin resources. Some are FREE and some are paid products. Click on the pictures below to read more about them. 
 FREE Pumpkin Glyph
FREE Pumpkin Glyph is a fun project to do with students during the fall or holiday season. This glyph uses a legend that students have to follow to make a pumpkin that describes them. Once all the pumpkins are made, will the students be able to tell which pumpkin belongs to which student? Click the picture on the left to download it from TPT.

Here are 3 PLACE VALUE blocks that students match the blocks with the number. These packs have 10s, 100s, amd 1000s place. Click on the pictures below to read more about them. 
 Place Value Pumpkins to the 10s place Place Value Pumpkins to 100s place Place Value Pumpkins to 1000 place
 FREE Addition Game Poison Pumpkin
Here is a FUN and FREE game to help learn addition facts. Cut apart all the addition task cards and place them in a coffee can. Students take turns drawing task cards and stating the sum on each one. If the student says the correct sum, they get to keep the card. If the students says the wrong sum, they have to the card back in the coffee can. If a student picks a Poison Pumpkin card, they have to put ALL their cards back in the can. Beware! this game gets a little loud. But the students are learning and having fun too! Click on the picture to download this freebie. 
 Pumpkin Antonym and Synonym Task Cards
Do your students need some help distinguishing from antonyms and synonyms? This pack has 50 task cards. Students decide if the 2 words on the task cards are antonyms or synonyms. This comes in a cute pumpkin theme. Great to brighten up your reading centers this fall season.

 Sounds for _ed Pumpkin Theme
Pumpkin "_ed" Sounds has 40 task cards. Students try to find the matching word that makes the same ending sound. Another cute pumpkin theme to use for your reading centers. These are perfect for 1st and 2nd graders. 
I'm also trying my hand at clipart. Here are the pumpkins I made. Click on the picture below to read more about it. 
 Crazy Eyes Pumpkins Clip Art
Thanks for stopping by today. When I make more pumpkin resources, I'll post them here. Check back later for updates. 
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 Halloween Theme Activities and Ideas
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 Fall Resources
Click the picture on the left to find Free and Paid resources for Fall. All resources are for K-5th grade classrooms.

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