Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Halloween Games and a Freebie

 Poison Pumpkin
I have a FREE addition game called Poison Pumpkin. This game uses facts 2-9. The game is thrilling and exciting! Your students will scream with delight!

Place all addition cards in a can. Players take turns drawing a card and stating the addition fact. If they state the correct sum, they keep the card. If they draw the Poison Pumpkin card, they must put all the card they are holding back in the can! The first player to collect 5 cards is the winner.

Need some more pumpkin games? Try these place value games:

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Here's another Freebie! Pumpkin Glyph!
Students follow directions to create a pumpkin to match their characteristics 
 Free Pumpkin Glyph
Try these  Paid Halloween Theme Resources:
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 Halloween Theme Ideas
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Happy Halloween!

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