Saturday, July 27, 2013

Student Self-Assessment Rubric - Freebie!

Free Self Assessment
Here is a Marzano's Student Self-Assessment Rubric that I use with my students across all subjects areas.

This scale can be used before, during, and after instruction.

Before introducing a new lesson, I use this scale to determine students' prior knowledge. Once I announce the standard for today's lesson, I ask the students to use the rubric to see how they think they see themselves using the standard.

During instruction, I assess my students' learning and understanding of the goal being taught. I ask my students where they see themselves on the rubric now? Are they moving up or down on the rubric?

After instruction, I use this scale as a measurement for grading to determine if my students have mastered the learning goal. Sometimes for a closure activity, I ask students to rate themselves again where they see themselves on the rubic? Do they need more practice or do we keep going?

(2 versions made. I couldn't decide on the font. I'll let you decide your preference.)

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