Dollar Deals for the Elementary Classroom

How many teachers love a dollar deal? I could spend hours at the dollar store or in the dollar section at Target rummaging through the office supply section looking for some cheap and cute items for my classroom. Everybody loves to find a deal whether you need it or not. I have some fun resources for the K-5th grade classrooms that only cost $1. You will find math, reading, and writing resources that are super cheap. I've listed the products below with a description for each one. Click the picture below to see all my dollar deals at my TPT store.
Dollar Deals

These are my dollar deals:

Candy Jar Fractions Dollar Deal
Candy Jar Fractions is a great deal. This has 3 Google links. The links are in Google Forms creating 3 self grading quizzes all about fractions. Students count the candy in the jar and form a fraction from the pieces in the jar. These are a great review for learning fractions. Each quiz has 10 candy jars. 
Superhero Punch Cards
Superhero Punch Cards are great ideas when dealing with behavior management. Tape one of these cards to each student's desk. When you see them acting good, punch their card with a hole punch or mark it with a stamp. When students fill up their card, they turn it in for a small prize like a new pencil, or a piece of candy. This pack also comes in "Star" theme instead of the superhero theme. Click the picture on the left to read more about these punch cards. 

Equal Groups Task Cards
Equal Groups Multiplication is great for students that are beginning to learn about multiplication. These task cards make multiplication look easy. Even 1st graders can count the groups and learn the concept of multiplication. This set has 20 task cards and a few recording sheets. These are great for math centers. This pack also comes in a holiday theme for Valentines Day. 
States and Capitals I Have Who Has Game
Have you ever played, "I have, who has?" This is a great class game to keep everyone on their toes and pay attention when it's their turn to show their card. This pack is all about the states and capitals of the United States! All 50 states and capitals are included plus the Capital of the United States. This is a fun game to play over and over again and to keep the students involved in learning. This game is great for review too. 

A Jar of Winter Games
During this winter season you will not want to miss out on these eight games you play with 2 dice. Students will be practicing their addition facts. There is also a game board dedicated to fractions. These have a cute winter theme. Each game is simple to learn and will keep your early finishers busy while they brush up on their math skills. These games also come in a spring theme too. I also created a St. Patrick's Day theme using multiplication facts instead of addition facts.  

Build a Sentence Pack
Build a Sentence has a pack of 20 worksheets. Students build upon a simple sentence and make it better by adding details to it. These are great when students are learning to make their sentences come to life but also not make them too wordy. These are also great for learning sentence structure and to practice writing sentences.  

Fall Write About It Worksheets
Write About It has 15 worksheets to write a simple paragraph. These worksheets have the theme of fall, but could be used all year round too. Students use the picture on the worksheet and write about it. They answer who, what, when, where, and why about the picture. Students will write paragraphs with ease when using this product. 

Letter Writing Practice
How many of your students need to practice letter formation? Some of my students make their letters a weird way or just don't know how to do it properly. This mini-alphabet book has enough practice for your beginners to writing their letters. This pack has a letter to practice writing on a half page to save paper. Assemble all the pages into a cute mini book. These will be easy to store and simple to take out at a moments notice to practice writing letters at anytime.  

CVC and CVCE Cut and Paste Worksheets
These sort cvc and cvce words has 10 worksheets. CVC words are like mat and rat. CVCE words are like mate and rate. Students use the worksheets to cut and paste words in the correct category. These are great for beginning readers. Click the picture to read more about this dollar deal. 

Everytime I add a dollar product to my store, I will add it to this blog list as well. Check back later to find some more dollar deals. Pin the dollar deal button at the top to stay tuned.

My pinterest board is full of dollar deals. It's worth taking a look. Click the picture below to be taken to my Pinterest board full of dollar deals. 
Dollar Deals for the Classroom
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