How to Add and Subtract on a 100 Chart

How to add or subtract on a 100 chart is a piece of cake! It's really helpful for students who need a boost in counting by 1s and 10s. You do not need to worry about regrouping or borrowing either. All you need are some 2-digit numbers and a 100 chart. Once students become proficient in using the 100 chart to add, they will not need the chart. They'll know how to do it in their head! 

Let's practice. Let's say you need to add 53+29. Find 53 on the chart below. I know that 29 has 2 tens and 9 ones. I start at 53. Add 2 tens which puts me at 73 and then add 9 ones. That will land me on 82. 
Free 100 Chart
If I was more advanced, I would start at 53, add 30 because 29 is closest to 30 and subtract 1. But for beginners, they do not think that way. 

The 100 chart is also great for subtraction. If I had to subtract 83-25, I would start at 83. I know that 25 is 2 tens and 5 ones. I would go back 2 tens which would put me at 63. I would count back 5. That lands me at 58.

Most students need extra practice in subtracting. Working on a 100 chart will help students begin to see patterns, notice numbers, and start to have a good understanding in number sense. They will be proficient if they can do it all in their head with no 100 chart in front of them. 

Click the 100 chart above to download for free. 100 charts will come in handy when adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers. Students will need to know how to add 1s and 10s when adding or subtracting. Here is a blog post about adding 1s and 10s. Students will also need to know their tens and ones and the value of each number too.     

I have a few 2 digit numbers to practice this skill. Click the pictures below to see more. I have also updated these task cards and added Google links for Self-Grading Quizzes. Use the Google links to assign to students in Google Classrooms. Or use the printable task cards to practice adding and subtracting on the 100 chart. 

100 Task Cards using 2 Digit NumbersAdd 2 Digit NumbersSubtract 2 Digit Numbers
2 Digit Add Subtract Task CardsAdd and Subtract 2 Digit Numbers2 Digit Numbers Task Cards
2 Digit Word Problems 

Here are some other 100 charts you may like for the classroom:
Laminated 100 Chart
100 Chart - Set of 10
Wooden Hundred Chart

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