Calling all Detectives.....

Calling all detectives! Do you love the detective or mystery theme? I have a few fun resources and ideas to share with you that have a detective or mystery theme. The first thing I want to share is a class game I play all the time with my students. This game can be played with the whole class or with partners. It's a great review on numbers using more than and less than.

How to play, Guess My Mystery Number:

  • On a piece of paper, write a number 1-100. Hide the number in your pocket or a place where students cannot see it. 
  • Ask students to guess the number you wrote on the paper.
  • For example: Let's say you wrote the number 50 as your mystery number. Students need to guess this number with the clues you give. 
  • Student 1 guesses the number 84. You write on the board,
    ______ < 84 and say, "My number is less than 84."
  • Student 2 guesses the number 28. You write on the board,
    ______ > 28 and say, "My number is more than 28.
  • Now students know the number is between 28 and 84.
  • Students keep guessing and you keep writing the number they guessed until someone knows the mystery number. Then, show them the number you wrote and put in your pocket. 
  • Let the winner do the same thing in front of the class or pair students up with partners to do together. 

Check out these detective and mystery resources for the 2-3rd grade classrooms.

 Making Inference Task Cards
Making Inference Game/Center has students practicing to use their Making Inference skills while using decoding clues from 20 Inference Task Cards. You will be able to use these cards for a reading center, a 2-Player game, for small group, or to introduce making inference. This is perfect for 2nd-3rd Grade classrooms. Making Inference Detective Task Cards

    Here is a Detective $1 Deal to help with Nonsense Words.
     Non Sense Words
    Here are some Mystery Math Packs. 
     Mystery Numbers  Example of mystery number
     Missing Numbers  Example of missing numbers

     FREE Mystery Name. A great way to get to know students in the classroom.
    Here is a great way to get to know your students and use the letters in their name to make new words. Mystery Name is also FREE! It lets you highlight a student a day. The students love this. Click on the picture to be taken to my blog post to read all about it. You will be able to read all about it and download it from there.

     Kid Detective Clip Art
    I also made these Kids Detectives and Monsters Detectives clip art. Click on the pictures to be taken to my clip art store to see more.
     Monster Detectives

    Here are some mystery/detective resources you may like with this theme:
    Rebekah Girl Detective Books
    Ballpark Mystery Books
    Cat Crimes- Logic Game
    The Secret Door- Mystery Game
    Clue- Card Game
    35 Inference Reading Passages
    Inference Flashcards
    Inference Game
    Inference Skills Strips
    Inference Cubes

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