Self Grading Quizzes in Google Forms

During distant learning at home, I've been trying to find other ways to bring you resources to use for remote learning or for classrooms going paperless. If you purchased any products from me, begin to look for an update. I'm uploading many of my task cards into Google Forms creating Self Grading Quizzes for Google Classrooms. I've updated a few resources already and will continue to do so. I've added Google links to already existing products and I've also created the links for individual purchase for those classrooms going paperless. Now you'll be able to purchase the printable task cards with the Google links together or with the Google links only. Click the picture below to see all products updated to Google Forms at my TPT store. 
Google Forms List
Using Google Forms is easy when using Google Classrooms. Just copy the link into your Google Classroom. From there you'll be able to assign students the links to take a pre or post assessment or just to practice a skill or reinforce learning. The self-grading quizzes are easy to assign and there is no grading. Google does it all. Instead of using printable task cards, use the Google links to practice skills and strategies. 

Here are the few products I've updated and added links to them. Do you own any of them at TPT? All you have to do is download it again and the links will be added. I have changed the cover on a few and updated the clipart. You might need to click on it to see if you own it at TPT.
Candy Jar Fractions DIstance Learning
Addition and Subtraction Task Cards Distance Learning Google FormsAddition and Subtraction 2 Digit Numbers
Improper Mixed FractionsFraction of a Set Word Problems
4 Kinds of Sentences Distance Learning
Compare and Order Fractions Distance LearningCoin Counting Task Cards

I have more items switched over to Google Forms than listed above. 
Click the picture below to see all products added to Google Forms at my TPT store:
Google Forms for Google Classroom
I'm still learning about Google Classrooms and I have more programs and apps to learn. Stay tuned for other products to be updated.

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