Thursday, October 9, 2014

Halloween Theme Activities

I have some fun, free, and paid products that are Halloween theme. Your students will be screaming with delight with these fun activities that you can use in your classroom all October long. The activities are perfect for centers, class work, homework, warm-ups, a class party, or class lessons. All activities are enriched with learning ideas from the curriculum.
 Halloween Themed Centers for 2nd and 3rd Graders
Halloween Theme Pack has a ton of educational ideas to use for the month of October. It uses math, reading, writing, and science. 

 Halloween Theme Activities
Math Activities Include:
Coordinate Grids
Left, Right, Center (addition or multiplication game)
Pumpkin Addition
A Jar of Bats and Spiders (addition or multiplication game)
Measure and Weight a real pumpkin
M&M math (addition or multiplication worksheets)

 Halloween Theme Activities
Reading/Writing Centers Include:
Sequence writing
It used to be a pumpkin seed, but now it's a...
Syllable words
Halloween Boggle Board
ABC order
Noun-Verb-Adjective game

Science and Other Resources Include:
2 Science experiments
Boo Board -Generic to use for any subject
Recipes to roast pumpkin seeds

Here are 2 FREE and Thrilling Math Games your students will love!
 Poison Pumpkin FREEBIE  Wicked Witch Free Multiplication Game
 Halloween Themed Word Problems using 2 Digit Addition and Subtraction
Halloween Word Problems use 2-Digit Addition and Subtraction. This little pack includes 30 Task Cards, Recording Sheet, and an Answer Key. 
Students will be wanting to do more with these fun  and engaging word problems. 

Place Value Pumpkins will have your students practicing place value. Each set includes 24 Task Cards that have students matching place value blocks with a standard form number. 
 Place Value Pumpkins using 10s place Place Value Pumpkins using 100s place Place Value Pumpkins using 1000s place
 FREE Jack O Lantern Glyph
Here is a FREE Pumpkin Glyph. Students follow directions on a legend to create a pumpkin that matches characteristics about themselves. Students try to identify which pumpkin belongs to who. This is definitely a fun and cute little project to learn about each other.

 Pumpkin ed Sounds
Here is a fun pumpkin center to practice the sounds of "ed." There are 40 task cards using long and short vowel words.

Last but not least, here are 2 Writing Products to spruce up your writing units with some Halloween fun! Bone Chilling Story Writing
Bone Chilling Stories has 3 writing centers. Read all about it HERE.

 RIP Word Choice Activity
RIP-Put those old words to rest with this fun idea on Word Choice. Students generate new words to replace tired, old words.

Your students will be screaming with delight all October long with these Halloween Theme Activities.

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