Odd and Even Ideas and a FREE game

Odd and Even numbers can be difficult at first to learn but once students get it, they will be become proficient knowing odd and even numbers. Students will need to begin pairing numbers up so they can see and make equal pairs. If there are not equal pairs, then they are odd. Odd numbers do not have a partner. Once students understand the concept of odd and even numbers, then students can begin looking at the ones place to tell if the number is odd or even. 

I have a set of Odd and Even Activities pack for those learning about odd and even numbers. This pack is loaded with ideas to use in your classroom.
It includes 3 anchor charts, 1 lesson on forming teams and partners, 4 games or centers, 10 worksheets, and 26 task cards with recording sheets.

Odd and Even Activities Pack is loaded with games, centers, task cards, worksheets, and ideas.

Students will have a grasp on number sense and odd/even numbers with all the activities in this packet. Click the picture above to read more about the activities in this pack. 

Free Shark Tank Odd Even Game
I'm offering a Freebie from the pack above! Shark Tank is a thrilling game of excitement! Not only will students be having fun, but they will also be practicing addition facts AND their odd and even numbers.

Players start in the middle of the gameboard (on the diver). They take turns rolling 2 dice and adding for a sum. If the sum is an odd number, they move 1 bubble down toward the house at the bottom to be safe. If the sum is an even number, they move 1 bubble up toward the shark to be eaten!
Play continues as players move up and down the bubble path until a player reaches the house at the bottom to be safe and wins the game or until the player reaches the shark at the top and loses the game because he/she was just eaten!

Odd and Even Preview
Check out the preview for odd and even numbers. Click the picture on the left to download the PREVIEW. 

Here are some resources you may like when teaching about odd and even numbers:
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