Saturday, October 18, 2014

Odd/Even Freebie- Shark Tank

 Shark Tank
Freebie! Shark Tank is a thrilling game of excitement! Not only will students be having fun, but they will also be practicing addition facts AND odd/even numbers.

Players start in the middle of the gameboard (on the diver). They take turns rolling 2 dice and adding for a sum. If the sum is an odd number, they move 1 bubble down toward the house at the bottom to be safe. If the sum is an even number, they move 1 bubble up toward the shark to be eaten!
Play continues as players move up and down the bubble path until a player reaches the house at the bottom to be safe and wins the game. Or until the player reachers the shark at the top and loses the game because he/she was just eaten!

Shark Tank and more games are included in my Odd/Even Pack.
 Odd and Even Activities
This Odd/Even Pack is perfect for learning or reviewing odd and even numbers. It is loaded with ideas to use in your classroom.
It includes 3 anchor charts, 1 lesson on forming teams and partners, 6 game boards, 1 center, and 7 worksheets.
Students will have a grasp on number sense and odd/even numbers with all the activities in this packet.

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