Saturday, August 30, 2014

Applelicious Ideas

 Free Jar of Apples
Freebie! Jar of Apples includes 3 math games.  Choose the game that fits the needs of your classroom. The games include:

1st Game: Roll 3 dice, add for a sum, and cover the apple. The 1st player to cover 10 apples is the winner.

2nd Game: Roll 2 dice, add for a sum, and add 10 more. Cover the apple with the sum on it.

3rd Game: Roll 2 dice and multiply for a product.

Here is another Freebie! Race to the Top is a fun game that uses two dice and addition facts 1-6. Click the picture for your freebie!
 Race to the Top
Here are some Apple Products for Sale:
Johnny Appleseed Fact Family Task Cards
 Johnny Appleseed Fact Family Task Cards-3 Centers

 Apple Addition Games Apple Subtraction Games Apple Games
 Add Them Up! with QR Codes True False Equations with QR Codes

Happy Labor Day Weekend! Hopefully you will be able to rest a little before you're back at school!

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 A Pinterest Board full of Apple Ideas

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