Applelicious Ideas

I have some FREE and paid products all with an apple theme. These resources are perfect for K-5th grade classrooms. Scroll down below to see and read more about these apple resources. 
 FREE Jar of Apples Math Games
 Freebie! Jar of Apples includes 3 math games.  Choose the game that fits the needs of your classroom. The games include:

1st Game: Roll 3 dice, add for a sum, and cover the apple. The 1st player to cover 10 apples is the winner.

2nd Game: Roll 2 dice, add for a sum, and add 10 more. Cover the apple with the sum on it.

3rd Game: Roll 2 dice and multiply for a product.

Just click the picture to download these 3 math games. All you have to do is print and play.

 FREE Sounds for the ending ed
 Free sounds for the ending _ed. This freebie has a poster and 2 set of words to separate into the 3 sounds that _ed makes. Click the picture to be taken right to this freebie! 

 Apple Themed Days of the Week Strips
Here are FREE apple themed days of the week strips. Use these at your calendar time or have students put in order. Click the picture on the left to download this freebie.  
 Johnny Appleseed Fact Family Math Centers
 Johnny Appleseed Fact Family Task Cards. This pack has 3 math centers all about fact families! These will go perfect with your apple or Johnny theme. Click the picture on the left to read more about it. 
Here are more apple themed resources:
 Apple Addition Games Apple Subtraction Games
 True and False Equations using QR Codes Add four 2-digit numbers with QR codes
 Apple _ed Sounds Apple ed Centers
 Antonyms and synonyms Vowel Sound Task Cards

 Free apple clipart
FREE Clipart! I made this apple with the bugs. Click the picture to read more about it.

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Try this Pinterest Board already full of Apple ideas for the classroom. I've pinned some great resources from other teachers 
 A Pinterest Board full of Apple Ideas

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