Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Days of the Week Freebie!

 Free Days of the Week Strips
Days of the Week strips for FREE! It comes in 2 forms; a red apple or green apple.

Use these Days of the Week Strips at a reading center. Students put the days in order and record their answers on a Recording Sheet.

      Post the Days of the Week Strips on a Word Wall for correct spellings or words to know how to spell all the time.

      You can also place the strips in a pocket chart to move around or use the yesterday, today, and tomorrow cards to place next to the day. For a warm-up activity or Brain Break, give seven students 1 of the Days of the Week Strip. Tell students to organize themselves so they are in order. (Make multiple copies so more students can play.)

Use the Days of the Week Strips at calendar time. Let students change out the days of the week each day. 
 Learn the Calendar Pack
Check out Blank Calendars and Calendar Questions. This pack will surely help students learn the calendar. It includes blank calendars, task cards, and worksheets. The questions asked on the task cards and worksheets can be used for any month. This pack is perfect for your calendar time, as a center, or for homework. 

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