6-Traits Writing Posters and Checklist

Do you use the 6-Traits of Writing in the classroom? The 6-Traits of writing can help guide students to have all the components in their writing and improve their overall writing score. I created a few sets of 6-Traits Writing posters.

These 6-Trait Writing Posters can jazz up your writing bulletin board. Each poster displays one of the 6-Traits of Writing. Also included is a checklist for students to make sure they covered all the traits in their writing. Store the checklist in students' writing folders.
 6 Traits of Writing Posters  6 Traits Ideas and Content Poster
Here is a FREE 6-Traits Writing Checklist.
Click the picture below to download this checklist.
 Free 6 Traits Writing Checklist

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 6 Traits of Writing Posters Kid Theme
6-Traits of Writing Posters in a kid theme! These are bright and colorful posters. They will stand out on your writing wall. They are also perfect to present your writing lesson with. A great visual for students to use with their writing. These also come in a black and white copy. Click the picture on the left to read more about these posters. 

I found a few good resources for your classroom using the 6-Traits of Writing:
Traits of Good Writing Posters
Writing Bulletin Board Set
6 Traits of Writing for 2nd Grade
6 Traits of Writing for 3rd Grade

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