Free 4 Kinds of Sentences Game

 FREE 4 Kinds of Sentences Game
Free 4 Kinds of Sentences Game! Do you and your students need a brush up on the 4 Kinds of Sentences? This is a fun little game to brush up on this skill. 

Players roll a die and states a sentence. For example if Player 1 rolled a 4, he would have to state an exclamation sentence. If all the other players agree that player 1 stated an exclamation sentence, he may advance on the game board. The first player to the final circle is declared the winner. This game board comes in the 2 versions of the 4 Kinds of Sentences. Click the picture to download this free game!

This game is from my 4 Kinds of Sentences Packs. Click the pack below to see more.
 4 Kinds of Sentences Pack Statements 4 Kinds of Sentences Pack
Here are 40 task cards for the 4 Kinds of Sentences. Click the pack below that supports your classroom. 
 4 Kinds of Sentence Task Cards 4 Kinds of Sentences 40 Task Cards
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