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I have a great resource that will help teach grammar, work on writing complete sentences, and practice addition skills! All 3 skills wrapped into one! This resource is great for 1st-3rd graders. But 4th and 5th graders can certainly take advantage and will have some fun doing it. Older students can make some really good sentences. 

Students will roll 2 dice and add them for a sum. They choose the noun, verb, adjective, preposition, and location from the grammar boards according to the sum they rolled. Students create a sentence using the 5 words they rolled. Students must create a complete sentence using correct punctuation and grammar. The students' sentences will turn out to be fun and silly. Students will be giggling and wanting to do more. This pack below has 10 grammar boards. A ton of different words to make a ton of different sentences. 

Grammar Roll a Sentence Pack of 10
FREE Grammar Roll a Sentence
Here is a FREE Grammar-Roll a Sentence board to try practicing grammar, sentences, and addition. This will be a fun way to get your students writing complete sentences and incorporating some math and grammar too! Students roll 2 dice and find the sum. They look in the 1st column on the game board for the sum rolled and record the word in that column. Students continue to roll for a total of 5 times since there are 5 columns. Then students use the 5 words they recorded and write a complete sentence. All 5 words must be present in the sentence. There must be a capital letter and an end punctuation mark. Students can add other words like articles, conjunctions, and nouns to ensure their sentence makes sense. The verb can also be changed to a different tense. For example, the word play can be changed to played. Or the word ate can be changed to eat. Click the picture above to try a FREE game board.

Do you need more grammar ideas and activities? 
Grammar Hop is a fun game to review nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. Students take turns reading the sentences and answering grammar questions. There are 40 cards that can be used for a center or as a 2-player game.

Grammar Hop can be purchased here at Teacher's Take-Out at a discounted price!

Grammar Posters
Grammar Posters include 14 posters to hang in the classroom to remind students the meaning of each grammar word. The words include: adjectives, nouns, verbs, plurals, adverbs, pronouns, subject, predicate, proper noun, conjunction, capitalize, preposition, contractions, and possessives.

Here are three examples of what the posters look like. Hang on your Language Arts wall so students can have a quick reference or reminder about our grammar vocabulary.

Noun Poster Verb Poster Adjective Poster

Grammar Posters are on sale here at Teacher's Take-Out.

Grinning for Grammar Task Cards
Grinning for Grammar Task Cards is a fun little center that will have your students grinning from ear to ear. It has 40 task cards. Students read the sentence and pick out the correct grammar word. This pack uses the grammar words: noun, verb, adjective, preposition, plural noun, adverb, and pronoun. These task cards are also uploaded into Google Forms creating 8 Self Grading Quizzes. Assign the links to students in your Google Classroom. 
Grinning for Grammar Task Cards
You can find Grinning for Grammar right here on Teacher's Take-Out at a discount price:

Nouns Verbs and Adjectives Task Cards
Here are a set of 30 task cards. Each task card has 3 words on them. Students decide which word is the noun, verb, and adjective. Place a set of 10 task cards with the recording sheet at a language art center. These are quick and easy to set up. Students will be learning and reviewing nouns, verbs, and adjectives. Click the picture to read more about it.
Which one is the Noun Verb and Adjective?

Here are some other resources you may need to teach grammar. I linked them to Amazon to make it easy for you to view them:
8 Parts of Speech Poster
Parts of Speech Bulletin Board Set
Silly Sentences Puzzles 
Cooking Up Sentences Game
Parts of Speech Cards
Parts of Speech Bingo
Grammar in a Jar
Sentence Building Dominos

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