Scientific Method - Freebie

Here is a FREE poster and recording sheet using the Scientific Method. For your next science experiment, use the following. The Scientific Method is great for doing a science experiment. Students ask a question and then follow the steps to answer the question. Click the pictures above to download this freebie!
 Free Scientific Method Poster Free Scientific Form for Science Experiments
For a fun idea using Lab Coats in the classroom:
When I was teaching 3rd grade, we asked students to bring in an adult white; button down; long sleeve shirt. When it was time for science, the students put on their white shirts, or "Lab Coats". The classroom looked like a bunch of tiny scientist with their lab coats on! It brought life skills into the classroom and the students loved it too! There was such a fun vibe in the classroom.

 STEM Posters for the Classroom
STEM Posters are also great when doing science projects. Are you familiar with Stem? I love how the steps help students think through the process. This set includes 4 posters that list Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. There are also 7 posters that list the Engineering Design Process. And 1 poster displaying the acronym of STEM and a cute rhyme that includes the Engineering Design Process. Check out the posters below:
 STEM Posters for the Classroom The Engineering Design Process
Have fun with science!
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