Scientific Method - Freebie

Do you like to do science experiments? All scientist follow the Scientific Method to test their experiment. The Scientific Method has a set of steps to test an experiment. Here is a FREE poster and recording sheet using the Scientific Method. For your next science experiment, use the following. The Scientific Method is great for doing a science experiment. Students ask a question and then follow the steps to answer the question. Click the pictures above to download this freebie!
 FREE Scientific Method Free Scientific Method Recording Sheet

For a fun idea using Lab Coats in the classroom:
When I was teaching 3rd grade, we asked students to bring in an adult white, button down, long sleeve shirt. When it was time for science, the students put on their white shirts, or "Lab Coats". The classroom looked like a bunch of tiny scientist with their lab coats on! It brought life skills into the classroom and the students loved it too! There was such a fun vibe in the classroom wearing the lab coats.

 STEM Posters
STEM Posters are also great when doing science projects. Are you familiar with Stem? I love how the steps help students think through the process. This set includes 4 posters that list Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. There are also 7 posters that list the Engineering Design Process. And 1 poster displaying the acronym of STEM and a cute rhyme that includes the Engineering Design Process. Click the picture on the left to see this pack of STEM posters up close.

Here are some fun science stuff!
Mad Margaret Experiments
How to Think Like a Scientist
Scientific Method Poster
Scientific Method Poster 2
Think Like a Scientist Bulletin Board 
Science Experiments for Kids
A Bag of Science
Science Experiments Book

Have fun with science!
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  2. A friend of mine works in the STEM area and frequently makes posters for various events and courses. I have shared your post with her, for tips and ideas. Thank you.