Openings and Closing Statements

Do you need some help with opening and closing statements for writing? I have a list of ideas that will help any student begin their writing or end it with a bang! Opening and closing statements can either make or break the student's final piece of writing. Does their opening statement hook readers? Or does their ending leave the reader hanging?    
Years ago, I met with a group of teachers to create a list of ideas and examples for opening and closing statements. The list below is what we came up with together. When I started using these examples with my students, their opening and closing statements improved instantly. They were always trying to come up with a better opening or closing each time they wrote a piece of writing. I think these examples below will help improve opening and closing statements.  

Opening Statements:
  • Open with dialog
  • Describe a character or setting
  • Open with a question
  • Open with a riddle or joke
  • Open with a quotation
  • Open with a bold fact or statement
  • Open with a sound 
  • Open with a feeling
  • Open with a personal experience

Closing Statements:
  • Close with advice for your reader
  • Close with a quote
  • Close with a question
  • Reword the beginning
  • Close with humor
  • Close with a feeling
  • Close with a fact

These opening and closing statements can be found in this pack below. This pack is set up to be kid friendly and work for any genre of writing. It includes 2 posters with a list of variety of ways to open and/or close writing. Students pick from a variety of ideas for their openings and closings statements. These ideas are listed above. Students will be able to see the statements on one sheet. The posters can be hung on your writing wall or placed in their writing folders. 

Opening and Closing Statements
You will also get a blank template to practice writing opening and closing statements. This will help students create their own statements and revise it to their own writing. I also included examples for a personal narrative writing and for a report writing. Your students will get how to write good beginnings and not forget their ending. You'll be amazed how much better your students' opening and closing statements improve!
Opening Statements Blank Template
Also included are black and white versions for those that do not want color. These posters will work great in writing folders or on a bulletin board for all to see. 
Black and White Opening StatementsClosing Statements in Black and White
This is my most popular resource here on my blog and in my TPT store! It gets a ton of views and comments each month. I know these posters work. Your students will just get it and begin writing good opening and closing statements without you reminding them. 

Purchase Opening and Closing Statements right here on Teacher's Take-Out for a discount price. 

Here are some writing resources you may need to get started for opening and closing statements for the classroom. I linked them to Amazon to make it easy for you. Just click below to read more about each one.:

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