Free 15 Minute Timer

 Free Timer in PowerPoint
Do you need a timer for your classroom? This 15 Minute Timer is set up in a PowerPoint Presentation. You set the time you want and hit play. The PowerPoint counts down and changes slides every minute.

Set the timer for 5 minutes and tell the students they have 5 minutes to work in their group. The timer helps keep you on schedule and it also lets the students know how much time they have left. A win, win!

Set the timer for 15 minutes and use for center rotations.

The timer is also editable. You can add music or a buzzer at the end. You can add more minutes to it or change the pictures. The Timer has endless possibilities!

This timer is my most popular item on TPT. It has been downloaded over 55,000 times and pinned over 3,000!! I get a lot of positive feedback about it.  And who doesn't like feedback?

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