Plural/Possessive Poster - Freebie!

Do your students need help with plural, singular plural, and possessive plural usage? Here is a Free Plural/Possessive Poster. Those plurals and possessives nouns can be tricky! It may take a few teaching lessons to master this skill! Use this poster below to help students remember when to use 's or s' or when it's just plural.
 Free Plural Possessive Anchor Chart
Also added is 1 worksheet to practice this skill. Click the picture above to download this freebie!

 Plural and Possessive Bugs
If you're still bugged by plurals and possessives, try this pack using the term "Bug" instead of Dog as in in the freebie above. This pack has a set of 30 task cards, an anchor chart, and a worksheet to extend this skill. Students decide if the word, "bugs" is used correctly in the sentence. 
 Plurals and Possessive Task Cards

 Plural Pack
If you need to step back and just review plurals, this Plural Pack is loaded with options. This pack will review the 8 most common rules when changing the nouns to plural. This pack has task cards, worksheets, games, and centers all about plural nouns. Click the picture on the left to read more about it. 

Here are some GRAMMAR resources you may like to use in the classroom:
Grammar Games
Pronoun Throwdown
Say and Do Grammar Games

Good luck teaching plurals and possessives.
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