Mystery Activities and a Freebie

Do you love a good mystery? Kids love to be detectives and solve a good puzzle too. Mystery Name is a great way for students to get to know their classmates and generate new words in their name. The student who is chosen to be the “Mystery Name” gets some recognition too! Create a Mystery Name for each student in your classroom.
 Mystery Name Activity

Use Mystery Name for: a warm-up activity, or morning work.

Scramble each student's name on the recording sheet below and make a copy for all the students. Students use the letters in the name to unscramble to find the mystery name and to create new words. Click on the picture to download it for FREE and to start using it today.
 FREE Mystery Name for a getting to know you activity

Here are some more Mystery Activities to use in the classroom during math time:
 Mystery Name Missing Numbers with some challenging equations

 Making Inferences Task Cards Mystery
Another fun mystery activity is Making Inferences. This pack includes 20 task cards that display a small paragraph. Students need to figure out what's happening in each card. These are perfect for 2nd graders or your ESL learners! These task cards will help students use their skill of trying to infer what is happening on each task card. Students need to be careful readers and have some background knowledge to infer each passage. You can use these task cards with the gameboard for 2-players or with the recording sheets. 
These task cards are also uploaded into Google Forms creating 5 Self grading quizzes. These quizzes can be copied into your Google Classroom to assign to students. Click the picture below to read more about these task cards. 
 Making Inferences Task Cards Example

Here are some other fun mystery resources you may like:
Mystery in the Library Party Card Game
Mini Mysteries 
Guess Who Game

Here are some mystery books for kids:
Case Closed
Detective Camp
Nancy Drew Stories
BallPark Mysteries
The Boxcar Children
Magic Treehouse

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