Table Team Jobs Freebie!!

Free Table Team Jobs
Table Team Jobs are perfect for putting your students into teams of 4-6. This can help build a class community where everyone feels a part of the group and there is no arguing about who does what. Each team member at the table will have a job to do which will help make your classroom run smoother.

It's easy to do. Find some pockets to tape on each student’s desk. Sometimes the Librarian at your school has some stashed away. Give each member on the team a job card. They put the job card in their pocket on the table and then they are in charge of that job for the week. I had the students change jobs weekly, but I had some teammates that changed them daily. I also had the students switch them in a clockwise fashion. This rotation was fair so everyone had a chance at a job and nobody could argue about what job they wanted next.

The Jobs Include:
Data Collector:
• They collect all papers for the team and turn the papers in to the teacher or basket.
• When passing papers out to students, give the Data Collector the papers to pass out to everyone on the team. This is a lot quicker for you, and they like it.

Table Team Data Collector
• If the team is working on a project together, the reporter does all the writing for the team.
• If the team is working together and need to report to the class, the reporter does the “talking” for the team.
Table Team Reporter
Material Manager:
• They collect any material the team needs to complete an assignment.
• This can include but not limited to: crayons/markers, scissors, science material, textbooks, pencils, etc.

Material Manager
• They help the entire team. They make sure everyone is on task and contributing to the team.
• They can help individual team members.
• They make sure everyone has their name on their paper before the Data Collector collects the papers to turn in.

• This one’s on vacation. But if a student is absent, this team member steps up and takes their place.

Table Team on Vacation

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