States and Capitals - Free Study Guide

 FREE States and Capital Study Guide
Here is a FREE study guide for the 50 States and Capitals of the United States of America. Use this guide in your classroom or for personal use. These are great to keep in a folder, notebook, or to paste on your fridge. Click the picture to download this freebie and begin using it today. There is a black and white copy included too.

Need some fun ideas for the 50 States and Capitals? Check out this pack of activities to learn the 50 States and Capitals!
 50 States and Capital
States and Capitals Activity Pack includes:
50 State Cards and 50 Capital Cards
50 State Pictures
I Have... Who Has Class Game 
 Worksheets to practice the 50 States and Capitals Worksheets using States and Capitals Name that State 
 50 States and Capitals  States and Capitals  I have states and capitals
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Here are some USA items you may need in the classroom:

Here's to learning all those states and capitals!
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