Sunday, February 10, 2013

Area, Perimeter, and Fractions Idea

I just found this really cute idea using area, perimeter and fractions all in one. Katie, Over at I Want To Be A Super Teacher posted about an activity she did with her class.

I love the fraction idea of using 47/47 meaning 1 whole person. I love the idea of using the area and perimeter to outline their own body image and then for each body part. What a great way to integrate! So many variety of ways to use this. And I also love that students are doing something fun, yet meaningful, without using worksheets.

Here is an Area and Perimeter pack with some fun ideas. More than 6 activities to reinforce area and perimeter measurement. 
 Area and Perimeter Activities
You will be able to find this pack right here on
Teacher's Take-Out for a discount price. 

 perimeter task cards
Perimeter Task Cards includes 3 math centers. These task cards will have your students mastering perimeter for a variety of shapes.

Here are FRACTION Ideas for the Classroom:
 Fraction of a Set Task Cards for a Math Center Simple Word Problem Fractions  Fractions on a Number Line
 Add and Subtract Fractions with unlike denominators Compare and Order Fractions Task Cards

 Fraction ideas and resources for the classroom
Click the picture to the left to see all Fraction Activities.

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