Area, Perimeter, and Fractions Idea

I just found this really cute idea using area, perimeter and fractions all in one. Katie, Over at I Want To Be A Super Teacher posted about an activity she did with her class.

I love the fraction idea of using 47/47 meaning 1 whole person. I love the idea of using the area and perimeter to outline their own body image and then for each body part. What a great way to integrate! So many variety of ways to use this. And I also love that students are doing something fun, yet meaningful, without using worksheets.

Here are Area and Perimeter packs with some fun ideas. A ton of activities to reinforce area and perimeter measurement. 
 Area and Perimeter Task Cards Area and Perimeter Word Problems Area and Perimeter Build a Room

 Perimeter Task Cards
Perimeter task cards includes 3 math centers. These task cards will have your students mastering perimeter for a variety of shapes in 3 different ways. Click the picture on the left to read more about it. 

Here are FRACTION Ideas for the Classroom:
 Fraction of a Set Task Cards Improper Fractions Simplify Fractions Task Cards
 Cooking Up Some Fractions Word Problem Task Cards  Super Fractions Worksheets
  Fractions on a Number Line Add and Subtract Fractions with unlike denominators Compare and Order Fractions Task Cards

 Fraction ideas and resources for the classroom
Click the picture to the left to see all Fraction Activities.

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  1. This is a "super" idea! I love how it brings together several skills. I'm going to try this, too. I can't wait to see how cute they turn out! By the way, I love the title of your blog! It is so cute and clever!

    Teaching With Moxie

    1. I know, right? Such a simple idea and so good in so many ways! Thanks for the feedback. Welcome Diane!

  2. Hi there! Welcome to blogging. I just started following your blog! I found you on Teaching Blog Addict. Can't wait to read through your posts.

  3. Thanks for sharing this activity. Just found your blog through the TBA new blogger linky!

    Looking From Third to Fourth

  4. I just found your blog via TBA! You have some cute ideas! I love the Stinky Feet book! I am reading it to my firsties for Valentines! I am new to blogging too! Just figuring it all out! Look forward to meeting lots of amazing teachers!

    Ms. Emma's Edventure

  5. Thanks so much for including me in your blog Stacy! I wish I could say I came up with this fabulous idea, but I'm pretty sure I found it on Pinterest somewhere. :) I just did this activity with my math students this year and the finished products were darling again! I'll have to take some new pics.
    I Want to be a Super Teacher

    1. Regardless of where you found it, It's a fabulous activity. Your pictures were great too! It really showed how the activity played out. I had to post something about it. It's too bad we don't have the original owner of this. Thank you so much for sharing! =)

  6. I'm so excited to use this activity with my group! They need to work on their area and perimeter skills, and this will also be a fun way to front-load a bit of fraction work early on! :) I'm your newest follower, and I'm definitely going to follow Katie's blog too! :)