Editing Marks Sheet

Do your students need to practice editing their work? To begin editing work, students need to become familiar with editing marks. Below I have a Free Editing Marks Sheet for primary students. Students use the editing marks to correct sentences. This sheet is kid-friendly and easy to use. It gives an example of each mark. There are also friendly reminders at the bottom of the page for students to check their writing. This is perfect for any writer's workshop.
 FREE Editing Marks Sheet

Teach editor's symbols so students can think and talk like editors. Knowing the symbols encourages consistency when they edit themselves and during editing conferences.

Offer students a practice sheet on a daily basis. Start off  by using text that is not their own for students to edit. Then transfer that skill to their own work.  

Here is a another FREE Primary Editing Checklist to use with 1st graders or beginning writers. A fun way to teach the writing basics:
 CAPS Poster  Primary CAPS Checklist
Here are 3 packs to practice editing marks and fixing sentences.
 Complete or Fragment Sentences Task Cards and Worksheets  Red Write and Blue Edit That Text has 36 task cards to practice editing and complete sentences
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