Friday, January 25, 2013

Rhyming Concentration

 Free Rhyming Games using Short Vowels
FREE Rhyming Concentration! This pack has 24 pairs of cards to match short vowel words. Each card has a picture to go along with each word. Use the cards to play a game of Concentration, Go Fish, or at a reading center. Great for small group or an assessment too!

 CVC Rhyming Strips
Have you tried Rhyming Strips? These are Fun and Engaging strips that are intended to get your students to read and rhyme. A total of 70 strips included. All Strips use CVC Short Vowel Words. Students find the word that rhymes with the picture.

 CVC Rhyming Worksheets
CVC Rhyming Worksheets has 36 pages to practice rhyming. There are 5 pages for each vowel (a,e,i,o,u) and 11 pages of mixed vowels to use for assessments.

 Word Family Games Short Vowels
Need more short vowels? Word Family Games center around the 5 short vowels. It includes 11 game boards (2 for each sound.) Each game board comes with a spinner. Players spin to make words and move around the game board. 
These are great for reading centers, small group time, partner games, or send home for homework. 

You can also find Word Family Games right here on Teacher's Take-Out for a discounted price: