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For every grade I taught, the students really like Friendly Letter Writing. I love Friendly Letter time because the students get some extra writing in. Students pick up the Friendly Letter Writing format easily but they do have a hard time remembering where the commas go. When I teach friendly letters, I have the students write letters to each other in the classroom. Students are THRILLED when they get a letter from a classmate. I make sure to assign each person in the class someone to write to so everyone receives a letter. I make sure to read their letters too so nothing negative is said to anyone. Once students understand the Friendly Letter Format, I assign the FREE assignment below. I use this activity every year with my students. Students need to bring in 3-5 addresses from family members, envelopes, and stamps. We write the letters in class, address the envelopes, put a stamp on it, and I mail them from school. A great way to practice addressing an envelope and to practice Friendly Letter Writing Format.
 FREE Friendly Letter Writing Freebie

This Free Friendly Letter Writing Assignment includes:
A sample letter to send home to parents requesting materials, a few friendly letter templates, and a 6-trait writing checklist. The students write the letters to family members. Some of them even receive letters back from family members! 

I usually use this assignment around Christmas time or Valentine's Day but any time of the year is fine. Try to keep Friendly Letter Writing going all year by hooking with another classroom in the school to exchange letters.

Here are some books to read for Friendly Letter Writing:

Sincerely Yours: Writing Your Own Letter
Can I Be Your Dog?

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