Subtraction Strategy Freebie

Here is a little trick or strategy for subtracting. This is perfect for students learning their subtraction facts of 10's! Also no fingers are used when subtracting!
 Free Subtraction Strategy
  Free Subtraction Strategy
This Freebie includes 2 more examples in poster form and 2 worksheets to practice the subtraction strategy.
 Free Subtraction Strategy

 Subtraction Strategy Unit
 The entire unit is included here for only $2.75. 
This fun little unit includes 32 task cards, 2 more worksheets, and a game board. 
Use this unit for math centers, small group time, or as part of your lesson.

Students will need to know the combinations of 10 to use the subtraction strategy. 
Try this pack to help learn the combinations of 10.
 What makes 10 Unit

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