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Subtracting can be hard and tricky for students. I have found and used many methods that help students subtract easier. Students can count backwards on their fingers, but we really don't want them to do that. 

This strategy below that I found needs some practice. But the more students think about the numbers instead of counting backwards, will help them be better thinkers. 

What we know about math is that there are many ways to solve the problem. The trick is to check your work using different strategies to make sure you have the correct answer. Here is a little trick or strategy for subtracting. This is perfect for students learning their subtraction facts of 10's! What I like about this strategy is that no fingers are used when subtracting!

Free Subtraction Strategy
FREE Strategy to Subtract without using fingers 
 Here is a unit to practice subtracting teen numbers. Use ANY subtraction strategy you want with this fun little unit. It's also part of my Dollar Deals, $1! Click the pictures below to see more.
Subtraction Strategy Unit
Subtract Teen Numbers Task CardsSubtraction Worksheets Teen Numbers

Students will need to know the combinations of 10 to use the subtraction strategy. Try this pack to help learn the combinations of 10.
What makes 10 Unit
Apple Subtraction Games
Here is a pack of Subtraction Games using teen numbers. It doesn't matter which subtraction strategy your students know, they will be practicing and learning with this pack of fun subtraction games. You get a set of 40 task cards to use as flashcards or use to play these subtraction games. It's a fun apple unit dedicated to subtraction. Click the picture to read more about it. 
Apple Subtraction Game Task CardsApple Subtraction Game

Here are some subtraction items you might need in your classroom:

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