Super Power Thinking Math Games

Super Power Thinking Math Games
Get your Super Power Thinking on with these fun and engaging math games! Students will be using their Super Power Thinking (mental math and number sense strategies) to play these games. No paper or pencils are allowed. All math thinking is done in their head!

A total of 10 different game boards are included to get your Super Power Thinking on! The game boards use addition and subtraction skills. Not only are players trying to get 4 in a row, but they are also trying to use some strategy to block their opponent from making their 4 in a row. 

This pack is perfect for all learners in the classroom. If you need your students to improve mental math and number sense, this is the pack for you! 1st -3rd grade classrooms can benefit from these Super Power thinking games.

This Super Power Thinking Pack includes 10 different game boards. Here is a list of the game boards that are included:
Game 1  Roll 2 Dice - Add 10 More - Subtract 1
Game 2  Roll 2 Dice - Add 10 More - Subtract 2
Game 3  Roll 2 Dice – How many more make 20?
Game 4  Roll 2 Dice - Subtract the Sum from 20
Game 5  Roll 2 Dice - Add 20 More - Subtract 3
Game 6  Roll 2 Dice - Add 20 more - Subtract 1
Game 7  Roll 3 dice -Add 10 More - Subtract 2
Game 8  Roll 3 dice - Add 10 More - Subtract 1
Game 9  Roll 2 Dice Double the Sum - Subtract 1
Game 10 Roll 2 Dice - Double the Sum - Add 10 More - Subtract 1

Here is an FREE Game Board to try! 
Click the picture below to download a FREE Game from this pack. 
FREE Super Power Thinking Game
Players take turns rolling 2 dice and adding them for a sum. Then they add 10 more to the sum and subtract 1. For example, if a player rolled a 4 and 3, they would add for a sum of 7, add 10 more for a sum of 17, and subtract 1 for a difference of 16. The player would cover number 16 on the game board. The first player to cover 4 numbers in a row on the game board is the winner. Click the picture to download this FREE game. 

Thanks for stopping by today! Hopefully your students will be able to boost their thinking power with these fun math games. Enjoy your freebie!

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