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 FREE Addition Fact Drill
I have a free trial worksheet to practice addition facts 1-9 from my Fact Drills Pack.  This worksheet comes with 2 half sheets. Check your child today to see if they can do all 30 facts in under 2 minutes. If not, you might want to think about purchasing the Fact Drill Pack for addition and subtraction. This pack includes 70 half sheets to practice addition and subtraction facts 0-10. The worksheets in this pack are separated to practice one fact at a time, all mixed together, and with missing numbers. This pack has enough variety to meet the needs of the students in your classroom. Here are what the sheets look like. Click to download a free trial today.
 FREE Addition Fact Drill Sheet
 Addition and Subtraction Fact Drills
Click the picture to the left to see ALL Fact drills for addition and subtraction facts 0-10. Each drill sheet is only 1/2 sheet. There are a total of 70 fact drills. There are 30 facts per sheet. Students should be able to score 90% or better and complete all 30 facts in under 2 minutes. 

Here is a helpful blog post about teaching addition facts:
 How to Teach Addition Facts

 Free Multiplication Fact Drills X2
 Need something more challenging like multiplication? Here is a FREE Worksheet to practice the facts of 2. Again, students should be able to do all 32 problems in under 2 minutes. Click the picture on the left to download a free multiplication fact drill worksheet. Test your students today to see if they can pass. Here is the Multiplication and Division Fact Drills pack for purchase if you need more practice:
 Multiplication and Division Fact Drills

 FREE 15 Minute Timer
How do you time your students to complete these drills above? If you use PowerPoint, you can create your own timer. I also created one and you can download this FREE timer. Click the link to start using this timer today. Not only do I use this timer for the fact drills but I set it for 10 minute rotations at centers, getting ready to go home, or for other events in the classroom that need timing. 

I have used other timers. Click the links below to see more timers I have used:
Kitchen Timer (I also use this timer for fluency reading.)

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