Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Pledge of Allegiance Activity and Freebie

I have a fun activity to do with the American flag and the Pledge of Allegiance. Students use tear art to make the flag and then write the words of the pledge on the white spaces of the flag. 

Here are the materials you need to make this Tear Art Flag Craftivity:
·        1 12x18 white construction paper
·        ½ sheet of 12x18 red construction paper
·        ¼ piece of blue construction paper
·        Some extra white paper to make the stars
·        Glue

Have students tear 7 long strips of red construction paper and glue to the 12x18 white construction paper. Make sure there is a red strip at the top and a red strip at the bottom of the flag. Glue the blue construction paper square in the top right corner of the flag and tear 50 tiny pieces of white paper and glue on the blue paper to represent the stars. (Tearing 50 tiny pieces of white paper was the hardest part of this activity.)

Then have student write in PENCIL the words of the Pledge of Allegiance on the white stripes of the flag. Then they can go over their pencil marks in black marker. These are really cute hung in the hallways and in classrooms. 

 Pledge or allegiance freebie
Use this FREE guide to give to students to make it easy to copy the words onto the tear art flag. Just click the picture to the left to download this freebie. 

This is a fun and easy educational activity to do anytime or during any patriotic holiday!

The United States rocks!
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