Freebie! Simple Addition and Subtraction Task Cards

FREEBIE! 10 Free Task Cards using simple equations with addition and subtraction facts. These task cards are a sample of the Monster Equations Unit. Use the task cards at a math center or for a pre/post assessment.
 Free Addition and Subtraction Task Cards
Monster Equations come in 5 different Units. Each unit has 50 task cards. All units use simple addition and subtraction facts 1-9. This is a perfect unit to use all year long to keep addition and subtraction facts fresh and able to practice facts with ease. You can also purchase all units together for a bundled price.

The 5 Monster Equation Units Include:
 Addition Task Cards  Subtraction Task Cards 
 Single Digit Missing Number equal equations using single digits 
 Add 3 Addends Task Cards

 These 5 packs are also available together in a Bundled Pack
 Monster Equations using Single Digits

  This unit is perfect for K-1st Grade Classrooms just learning 
their addition and subtraction facts.

Here are some more resources you may need teaching single digit addition and subtraction facts:
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