100th Day of School Activities

 Here are a few FREE activities to use for the 100th Day of School:

 100th Day of School Book
Freebie #1: 100th Day of School Mini-Book. This fun little freebie will let students express some ideas and thoughts about the number 100. Students finish the sentence by writing a word to complete the thought. Then they draw a picture to match their sentence. This mini-book will have students practicing to read and write while celebrating the 100th day!

 FREE Race to 100 Math Game
Freebie #2: Race to 100. This fun math game has players rolling 2 dice and continuing to add to the sum of each roll until the first player reaches 100! For a challenge, start at 100 and subtract each roll. The first player to 0 is the winner! Click the picture on the left to download the directions.

 FREE 100 Chart
Freebie #3: Do you need a 100's chart? Click the picture on the left to download it for FREE! There are so many things you can do on a 100 chart. Ask students if they see any patterns on the 100 chart. Have students use colored pencils or crayons to shade in numbers as you skip count or talk about odd and even numbers. Play a game on a 100 chart. Roll dice and advance that many spaces on the board. Whoever reaches 100 first is the winner. Count by 1s or 10s. There is also a blank 100 chart in this download if you want students to fill in their own numbers. 

 A Pinterest Board full of 100 Days of School Ideas
Don't miss out on more 100th Day of School ideas! I've found some more interesting ideas on the web from other teachers and pinned them on my Pinterest board. Click the picture on the left to see more ideas.

Here's to 100 days smarter!
(Only 80 more days to go!)
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