Capacity Creatures and a Free Poster

Are you learning about capacity? Learning to convert customary units using capacity can be tricky for students. Your students are going to love these Capacity Creatures! This set has printable task cards AND Google links for those classrooms that are going paperless. This set uses only Customary Units! It is loaded with 5 different sets to help students find equivalent equations, comparing/contrasting units, using problem solving skills, and converting gallons, quarts, pints, and cups. Click the pictures below to take a closer look at this product. 
 Capacity Creatures Task Cards and Google Links

Here are the 5 sets of  task cards:
 Capacity Creatures Capacity Creatures
 Capacity Creature Task Cards Capacity Which is More? Capacity Comparing
These sets of task cards have been uploaded into Google Forms creating 12 Google Links for Self Grading Quizzes. Each quiz has 10 questions. Instead of using the task cards, use the Google Links for Google Classrooms. 

 FREE Capacity Creature Anchor Chart Customary Units
You do not want to be without the Capacity Creature Anchor Chart. This lovely little creature will keep your students' attention as they use the Creature to help them convert customary units. Instead of using the Gallon Man, use the capacity creature. This is here for FREE! Just click the picture to download your Capacity Creature! In the pack above students will be able to create their own capacity creature using the premade shapes. Just cut and create. 

You can find Capacity Creatures here on Teacher's Take-Out for a discounted price:

Here are some other resources to help you teach capacity:

Carson Dellosa Bulletin Board Set
Measurement Bulletin Board Set
Liquid Measuring Set

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