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Learning word problems can be difficult for many students especially for those students who are NOT good readers. Students need to read the problem and understand what's happening in the word problem. Students need a strategy on how to solve word problems and they also need a ton of practice. Today I'm delivering a ton of word problem resources and some freebies along the way for students to practice. Keep reading below to hear about some word problem resources and grab some FREEBIES. 
 Word Problems Resources for the Classroom

 20 Word Problem Worksheets using Money
This pack of worksheets are all about adding and subtracting money amounts up to 4 digits. Students use the information in the box to answer questions about the amounts in the picture. This pack has 20 worksheets. There are a variety of hard and easy problems included and a variety of ideas, shops, and activities for each worksheet. These worksheets are engaging and will serve the needs of all your learners in the classroom.
If these are too hard, bring out the calculators. Students will get a kick out of using them and be twice as engaged! Plus, calculators are great to check their work. 

Here are 2 FREE word problem worksheets from the pack above. Give these worksheets a try to see if they are right for you. Students use the items and money amount to answer word problem questions. Brush up on some addition and subtraction skills and problem solving strategies while using money! If these are too hard, get out the calculators. Calculators can help check answers or figure out the word problems. Click the picture below to download 2 free worksheets.
 2 FREE Word Problem Worksheet
I have word problem task cards for 2-digits, 3-digits, and 4 digits using addition and subtraction: Click the pictures below to read more about them and see them up close. 
 2 Digit Addition and Subtraction Word Problems 3 and 4 Digit Word Problems using Addition and Subtraction
 Multi Step Word Problems
Are you looking for something more harder? Multi-Step Word Problems will get your students thinking! These word problems use more than one step to solve the problem. There are 36 task cards and 6 worksheets.  This pack is great if your're looking for task cards and worksheets. This pack can be used at math centers, for homework, or for extra practice. These task cards and worksheets are great for 3rd-5th grade classrooms. Click the picture to read more about it and to see it up close. 

 Multiplication and Division Word Problems
I also have a set of multiplication and division word problems. This set has 30 task cards. There are 15 multiplication and 15 division word problems. This pack includes a recording sheet. These task cards would be easy to set up at a math center or for a game of Scoot. 

Do you like to have students do Morning Work? When students come into the classroom in the morning, they put their backpack away and get started on some kind of work on their desk. I love these mini workbooks. They are perfect for morning work or for easy warm-ups before your math lesson.  These Mini-Workbooks also come with a freebie! Click below to see these worksheets up close. 
 Mini Workbook using 2 Digit Addition and Subtraction Simple Word Problems in a Mini Workbook
 FREE Mini Workbook using 2 Digit Word Problems FREE Mini Workbook using simple Word Problems 

 Fraction Word Problems
Cooking Up Some Fractions has a set of 30 word problems all about fractions. If you're working on fractions, this pack is perfect for 2nd-4th graders. If your students are just learning fractions or need some review this pack would be a great addition to your fraction unit. It includes a recording sheet to place at math centers or to use during your fraction lessons. 

Here are Word Problems for beginners! These worksheets have students answering 2 word problems for each half worksheet. They are simple and perfect for K-1st grade classrooms. Click the pack below that fits the needs in your classroom. 
 Simple Word Problem Worksheets Word Problem Worksheets using 3 Addends Word Problem Worksheets for simple facts

Here are some more word problem resources you might need while teaching word problems:
Word Problems for Grade 1
Test Prep Word Problems for Grades 1-3
Word Problems for Grade 3
Word Problems for Grade 2
Word Problem Key Words
Word Problems for Grade 4
Word Problems for Grade 5

Hopefully you've found some good word problem resources.
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