FREE Word Problem Worksheet

 2 FREE Word Problem Worksheet
Here are 2 FREE word problem worksheets using money. Students use the items and money amount to answer word problem questions. Brush up on some addition and subtraction skills and problem solving strategies while using money! If these are too hard, get out the calculators. Calculators can help check answers or figure out the word problems. Click the picture on the left to download 2 free worksheets.

 20 Word Problem Worksheets using Money
If you like these worksheets, try this pack of 18 more just like it. There are a variety of hard and easy problems included and a variety of ideas, shops and activities. These worksheets are engaging and will serve the needs of all your learners in the classroom.
If these are too hard, bring out the calculators. Students will get a kick out of using them and be twice as engaged! 

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