Combination Task Cards

 Combinations Task Cards and Worksheets
Spice up your combinations unit with these fun Combinations task cards and worksheets. 

A total of 16 task cards are included in this set, plus a set of 7 worksheets.

Students find all the combinations that can be made on each task card or worksheet.

Display the task cards along with the recording sheet at a math center for individual practice. Or team students up to solve task cards together. Use the worksheets for a part of your combinations lessons, send home for homework, or use for extra practice. Click the picture above to read more about the pack. Check out the preview to see more. Here is a sample of the task cards up close.
 Combinations task cards
 FREE Combinations Worksheet
Here is a free combinations worksheet from this pack. Students color each cone 2 different flavors of ice cream. How many different combinations can you make? Just click the picture on the left to download this FREE worksheet. 

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