FREE Desk Name Plates

Getting your classroom ready at the beginning of the year is crazy. There is so much to do with very little time. I have a few ideas that can help you get started. These ideas will help you get started and ease up on your "to do list". 

The first thing I have are FREE Desk Name Plates! These desk name plates have a space to write your students' names and the alphabet. The alphabet will come in handy with younger students. Students need to see letters and it helps putting words in ABC order. There are three name plates on one sheet. These desk name plates are free to download and use in your classroom as you see fit. Name plates are also helpful when you have subs too. Just click the picture to download it here on my blog.
 Free Desk Name Plate
Here are some other desk name plates that I've used in the past:
Desk Name Plates #1
Desk Name Plates #2
Desk Name Plates #3
Name Tags
Reusable Tent Cards
Magnetic Name Badge
Desk Name Plates #4

 Awards for the Classroom
Start recognizing students on the first day of school by giving them an award. Show them how special they are by telling them something positive. These awards will work great for any classroom. There are awards for improving in a subject, class work, behavior, and student recognition. There are 10 awards on each page. There are 40 different awards and ways to show students you recognize them for their hard work or just for being them. These awards are easy to print, cut, and hand out. Use the awards for a reward system. When students receive 10 awards, give them a small treat like a new pencil, or a small piece of candy. Students love little things like a tiny eraser, or even some extra recess or fun time. Click the picture to see all the awards that are in this pack.
Speed Reader Awards
If you don't want to print and cut, try these awards:
Awards Pack
30 Awards
Academic Award
Congratulations Awards

 Star Punch Cards
On the first day of school, you'll need to start a behavior system. One of my favorite ways is by using punch cards. These punch cards come in colored or black and white. All you have to do is print, cut, and tape to students' desks. When students are behaving or doing something good, I punch their card with a hole punch. (Some years I used stickers instead of punching holes.) When students fill up their card, they turn it in for a small prize like a new pencil, small eraser, or a piece of candy. These punch cards come in 2 versions; star and superhero. These packs are part of my $1 Deals. These also work great for desk name plates. Click the pictures to read more about them. 
 Superhero Punch Card
Here are some other Punch Cards you may like if you do not want to print:
Punch Cards

Have a great 1st week at school!
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  1. I downloaded and printed the name plates with the caterpillars (I wanted the bright alphabet one, but couldn't find it). Once I printed them, I noticed that the lowercase letter m is an n instead.

  2. All of the links in this article are just taking me to Amazon