A Jar of Luck Games

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I have a few fun games to use for this holiday season of green! Our spring break usually falls within the week of St. Patrick's Day. Sometimes we don't get to recognize the fun that St. Patrick's Day can bring. I have a few fun games to share with you if you are in the classroom or at home.

 Jar of Luck Multiplication Games
Are you working on multiplication? I have 7 lucky games all about multiplication. This is also part of my $1 Deals! This pack has 7 game boards. Two students use 2 dice to multiply. Then they do some twists and turns with that product on each game board. Some games add 10 more or even doubling the product. Click the picture to see more of the games that are included in this pack.

Here is a fun Freebie for addition and multiplication. This is from an older blog post. Click the picture below to be taken to this blog post. You will be able to download the Tic Tac Toe game from there.  
 Free Tic Tac Toe Games using Math

Here are some other Jar Games that are also dollar deals. A Jar of Spring and A Jar of Winter. All you need are 2 dice and these cute game boards.
 A Jar of Spring Addition Games A Jar of Winter Addition Games
 A Jar of Apples
Here is a very old game, Free Addition Game- A Jar of Luck. All you need are 2 players, 2 dice, the game board, and 10 game pieces to cover the numbers. Roll 2 dice and add them up. Find the sum on a clover and cover it. If there is no sum to cover, player loses their turn. Play continues until 1 player covers 10 clovers.

Click the picture on the left to be taken to my Pinterest board full of St. Patrick's Day ideas. I found some cute ideas all over the Web. This board has some cute ideas to use during St. Patrick's Day week. 

 Shamrock Clipart
I have been also making my own clipart. I have a small store with some cute clipart in it. These Shamrocks were so fun to make! They each have eyes in a different position and they are holding a sign in a different way. Click the picture on the left to see these cute Shamrocks. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
See you soon, 


  1. This is totally cute! Thanks for sharing. What a fun way to reinforce addition. :)

    I'm your newest follower!

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