Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Multiplication Games

 Multiplication Games
Are your students just learning multiplication facts or do they just need  to practice? Either way, I have Two Great Multiplication Game Packs ready to kick your students into gear to learn those multiplication facts. 

Each pack has engaging and motivating games to learn and practice multiplication facts.

 Multiplication Dice Game
Multiplication Dice Games use the factors 1-6. There are 15 games included. All you need are 2 dice and 2 players Just print and play!

Here is a preview of the Multiplication Dice Games:

Multiplication Card Games use the factors 4-9. This pack is for those students who need more of a challenge or for those students who need to learn those harder multiplication facts. 

There are 46 Multiplication Fact Task Cards that students use with all 9 games boards. Also use the task cards for a math center to record answers or use for flashcards to practice.

Here is a preview for Multiplication Card Games:

Both Packs come with a Multiplication Fact Table and A Strategy Poster
You can download them here for FREE

These Two Math Game Packs can be purchased Separately or Bundled together.

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