Multiplication Games

Multiplication Games can help students learn their multiplication facts. Multiplication can be hard to learn at first. Once students get the hang of how multiplication works, they may have to do some counting or use a strategy to find their answer. Students need to practice their multiplication facts and games are a great place to start!

How many of your students love to play games? I bet you can say that 99.9% of your students love to play games. Games keep us engaged which helps us learn. Many students are having so much fun playing the game that they don't realize they are learning too. Games make practice fun which is much better than a worksheet. 

I love games and so do students. Multiplication games are going to be perfect learning multiplication facts. I have 2 Multiplication Game Packs ready to kick your students into gear to learn those multiplication facts. Each pack has engaging and motivating games to learn and practice multiplication facts.

 Multiplication Dice Games
Multiplication Dice games focus on factors 1-6. All you need are 2 dice and a game board to play. Simple to set up and fun for students to practice their multiplication facts. 

The 2nd pack focuses on factors 4-9. Task cards are included but you can also use dice that are numbers 4-9. These are great to keep the learning fun while students practice their multiplication facts. Click the picture on the left to read more about it.
 Multiplication Games for Facts 4-9

Here are the same multiplication games but with a MONSTER theme.  

 Monster Multiplication Dice Games

I have another set of monster games.
These games are NO PREP games. 
Just print and play!
 Multiplication games with a monster theme.  Division games with a monster theme NO PREP Games

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