Football Game Boards

Are you ready for some football? Use these football game boards for just about any subject you want to review or practice. You can use spelling words, math facts, task cards, and/or reading questions. The possibilities are endless! Play as a class game or for 2-players.

 Free Football Game Boards

Click the picture above to download your FREE Football Game Boards. They come in 3 colors; red, blue, and green. Plus there is a black and white game board too. 

Each person or team puts their game token on the 50 yard line. If the player or team answers a question correctly, they move 10 yards toward the end zone. If the question is answered wrong, they move back 10 yards. The first player to reach their end zone first is the winner. 

I also made the clipart! These kids were so much fun to make. Visit my clipart store for more clipart pictures to use in the classroom. 
 Kid Football and Cheerleaders Clipart
Here are some task cards you can use to play with the football game boards.
  Plural or Possessive Task Cards  Base Words Task Cards
 Coin Counting Task Cards Complete or Fragment Sentences Super Number Patterns Task Cards
Have fun playing football!
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