Thursday, January 17, 2013

FREE Money Posters

 Free Money Poster  Free Who's on that coin or bill?
There are 2 posters here showing the people on our coins and dollar bills. Each poster displays a picture of each coin or bill (front and back) plus some information about the people on each one. I created this years ago and showed it to my 3rd graders. They were really interested in it! So I thought your students would like it too. I'm sharing it here today with you. Hang in your classroom or on a bulletin board. Kids will love the facts! It's a great way to learn about our Presidents and important people who started this country. Just click any picture above to download it.

Need some money resources for the classroom? Below you will find some fun math centers or math lessons. Just click the picture to learn more about it. 

 Coin Counting Task Cards
Here is a pack of 30 task cards with coins on it. Students count the coins and record the amount on a recording sheet. 

 Menus for Math
Menus for Math has a pack of 10 menus. Each menus comes with 2 word problem worksheets. Students can also use the menus to create their own word problem questions. These are great for problem solving using money.

 FREE Show Me the Money
 Freebie! This one has students using coins to match with the amount. These are great for math centers or small groups. These boards will help you see which students are still struggling with counting coins. 

 Coin Counting with Pirates
This pack comes with task cards and worksheets all about counting coins. This one has a fun pirate theme. They count the treasure from each pirate. This pack is a perfect addition to your money unit.

 Coin Counting Task Boards
Coin Counting Task Boards has 10 boards. Students use the task board and a recording sheet. They count the coins on the task board and then answer some questions about their coin counting answers. These are great for your coin counting lessons or for early finishers. 

Here are some classroom resources while teaching your money unit:
Magnet Money 
Classroom Coins
Play Money for Kids
Money Poster
Lemonade in Winter
The Coin Counting Book
Counting Money Learning Set
The History of Money
Money Bags Game
Money Flashcards

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