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Free Left Right Center Winter Math Game

 Christmas Activity Pack
Calling all 2nd and 3rd grade classrooms! Do you need some Educational Christmas Centers and Activities for December? This Christmas Activity Pack has 16 activities to use with reading, writing, and math. This pack with keep your classroom busy with educational material during the December Holiday Season.

All activities are for 2nd-3rd grade students. It includes....

Math Centers:
Left, Right, Center with addition or multiplication
Holiday Odd and Even
Christmas Tree-addition or multiplication
A Jar of Reindeer- addition or multiplication
Calendar Math-Month of December

Reading Centers:
Christmas Words Syllable Game
ABC Order Race
Grammar Sentences
Fact and Opinion
Inference Task Cards

Writing Centers:
It used to be a Christmas Star, but now it's a ...
Letter Writing to Santa
How to make a Snowman - Sequence
Opinion Writing
Compare and Contrast Writing

Snowboard - a blank generic game boards to use with spelling words, math facts, and/or reading comprehension questions.

 preview for Christmas activity pack
Click the picture on the left to preview the activities included in this pack.

 Free Left Right Center #Christmasgames
Try a FREEBIE from this Christmas Activity Pack! Have you ever played Left, Right, Center? This game is so much fun. All you need are a pair of dice, a couple of game tokens (I use Hersey Kisses as game tokens), and this guide sheet. Students will be able to practice their left from their right and brush up on some addition facts. (This also comes in a multiplication version too!)

Here is how you play Left, Right, Center (LRC): All players sit in a circle and place their 3 game tokens in front of them. Player One rolls 2 dice and adds them together for a sum. If Player One rolls a 4 and a 5. They add for a sum of 9. Player One looks at the guide sheet and can see that if they roll a nine they give 1 of their game tokens to the person on their left. Play continues until there is only 1 person left with a game token.

This is also a great family game to play! Use more game tokens to start with for a longer game.

 Winter Activities for the classroom 2nd 3rd grade #winterholiday
This Christmas Activity Pack also comes in a Winter Theme! The same activities with a winter theme!

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