Monday, September 16, 2019

Fact Families and a FREE Worksheet

 Fact Family Centers  Addition and Subtraction
Are you working on fact families? I have a few ideas for you plus a FREE worksheet. Fact Family Centers pack has 36 houses. Each house has 3 numbers. Students use those 3 numbers to write the 4 fact family equations. If you laminate the houses, students can write the equations on the house. These are perfect for small groups. You can use the houses at centers too. Students use the recording sheet to record their answers. This pack also gives a challenge. Students have to watch the symbols on the house to be careful when making equations. This will help students improve number sense. This pack also comes with 24 Fact Family Task Cards. Students use the small houses to write fact families. There is also 4 free worksheets. You can snag the FREE worksheet below. 
 FREE Fact Family Addition and Subtraction Worksheet
 Fact Family Centers for Multiplication and Division
This Fact Family pack also comes in Multiplication and Division. This pack also has houses to write fact family equations or use the numbers on the small houses to create equations. Click on the picture on the right to read more about it. 

I also have 4 Fact Family Packs for the holiday seasons. These packs have 3 different centers. Students find the fact family equation that doesn't belong, find the missing fact family, or write the 4 fact family equations. Click on the pack below to read more about each one. 
 Fall Fact Families  Johnny Appleseed Fact Families 
 Winter Fact Families  Spring Fact Families
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