Free Valentine Conversation Hearts Worksheet and Math Lesson

 FREE Conversation Hearts Worksheets
Valentine's Day is right around the corner and I have a fun and meaningful math lesson for it. This FREE worksheet is perfect for 1st -2nd graders. Some advanced kindergartners can surely use this as well. AND you could change the addition signs into multiplication signs to make it more challenging. 
You will need a box of Conversation Hearts for each student. The colors used for hearts in this worksheet are: Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, White, and Yellow. 

If you are on a tight budget, ask parents to bring in the candy. I've also purchased a big bag of Conversation Hearts and then I give each student a handful of hearts to complete the worksheet. Once students complete the math worksheet, they can eat the candy hearts. 

This worksheet has students comparing, adding, graphing, reading and doing math! Just click the picture above to download your freebie!

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Have a great Valentine's Day!
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 Valentine People with a Pencil Clip Art
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