Holiday Gifts for Students

Christmas is right around the corner which means you've been thinking about what to give your own children at home. I have 9 educational gift idea that are practical and educational for K-5th grade students.

Gift Idea #1: A watch with numbers and hands! Students need help telling time on an analog clock. Everything is digital these days which makes it hard for students to learn it. But they still have to know how to do it. A watch is a perfect gift for those students who need a boost in time telling. Plus, it's cool to wear a watch.
Gift Idea #2: Books! Find a set of books to give your child. For example, "Magic Tree House" or "Frog and Toad". Books are a great gift to give every year. As your child grows, so does their interest and topics in books. Nonfiction books like science books with pictures are always popular. You can also give the gift of reading to your child every night. It's a great gift to cherish and it's free. 
Gift Idea #3: Board Games! Any board game or card game is great. Monopoly teaches about money, Yatzee helps with multiplication and addition, Boggle teaches phonics and reading, and so on. Plus, games teach sportsmanship. Help your child be a good loser or winner. Plus, when playing a game with your child, you learn about how they are learning and thinking. It's quite amazing!
Gift Idea #4: A dictionary. Okay, it sounds boring, but some dictionaries are really cool. Especially for the little ones. And....believe it or not, they like to look at them. Dictionaries are great to have on hand. Sometimes you just need to look up a word. Thesaurus and other books like these encourage setting an example of being a good student. 
Gift Idea #5: A Diary or Journal. What a great and fun way to encourage writing. There are cool journals out there too. Spiral bound are fun and easy to use. A set of cool pencils with this would be a great addition. Let those creative juices flow. They can write about their day, make lists, draw, write a story, jot down dreams or goals. Either way, they are writing and being creative.
Gift Idea #6: Puzzle Books. A set of Sudoku or Find the Hidden Items in the Picture are great for exercising the brain. Puzzle books are great for challenging the mind and keeping it sharp. Puzzles are also great to stay entertained instead of watching TV. Also, the puzzles that come in a box with pieces are super for brain power!
Gift Idea #7: A Magazine Subscription. What a great way to encourage reading! Some fun subscriptions are Highlight Magazines or National Geographic for Kids. There are a ton out there for kids. Find their interest and see what they might like to read. Plus, it's fun to get something in the mail every month. A gift that keeps giving all year long.
Gift Idea #8: A calendar. This is a great way to learn the months, week, days, and year. They can write everyone's birthday and start to keep track of their upcoming events like sports games or recitals. Calendars are perfect gifts for kids. (You can find cheap and cute ones at the dollar store.)

Gift Idea #9: A desk. This is a little expensive, but you can find some cheap ones at Goodwill or your nearest donation centers. Desks are perfect for setting a good working habit. They will be able to do homework at a place all their own. They can also explore other hobbies too like drawing, crafts, writing letters, or reading. 

If you can think of other educational gift ideas that you know would be great to add to this list, please let me know by commenting below. I'm always looking for new ideas. I found these ideas on Amazon. 
Here are some Amazon links for the gifts mentioned above:
Watch for Kids
National Geographics for Kids
Sports Illustrated for Kids
Highlights for Kids
Mazes and Puzzles
Crosswords for Kids
Unicorn Journal
Blank Comic Books
The 5-Minute Journal
Draw and Write Journal
Picture Book Encyclopedia 
Children's Encyclopedia

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