Show Me the Money Boards Freebie

Free “Show Me” Boards are great during your small group time. These boards will give you a quick view of who is understanding how to count coins and who is not. Give each student a Show Me the Money Board and some classroom or real coins. Instruct the students to show you the amount of money indicated in each box using the coins. Students should use the least amount of coins to show the amount of money in each box. The small number in parentheses tells the number of coins that are needed. For beginning students, have them count out money in the way they know. Then encourage them to exchange coins (2 nickels can be exchanged for 1 dime and so on). This pack includes 6 Show Me Boards (and 6 black and white copies too). Here are what the boards look like:
FREE Money Board
Just click the picture to download this freebie!
Click below to see Coin Counting Worksheets.
24 Worksheets using a pirate theme.
Coin Counting Worksheets

Coin Counting Task Cards
Coin Counting Task Cards includes 42 task cards. The task cards are separated into 2 sets. The blue cards only use penny, nickels, and dimes. The red cards includes quarters along with the pennies, nickels, and dimes. Use the task cards to practice counting coins or to play a 2-player Money Bingo Game. These task cards are also loaded into Google Forms creating 6 Self-Grading Quizzes. Click the picture to read more about these task cards. 
Coin Counting Task Cards Examples

Subtracting Across Zeros Using Money
Subtracting across zeros can be tricky for students. This pack will help reinforce subtracting and the decimal point. This pack will help reinforce real life when students buy items and calculate their change. Click the picture to see more. 
Subtracting Money Task Cards

Coin Counting Task Boards
Here are some great money centers for counting coins. Students grab a task board and a recording sheet and start counting money. Students also answer questions about the amount for each box. Which box has the largest amount? Which box has the smallest amount? These task boards are great extensions to coin counting! Click the picture to read more about them.
Coin Counting Task BoardsCoin Counting Recording Sheet 
Here are some money resources for the classroom.  
Classroom Coins
Bulk Fake Coins
Money Bags Game
Money Bingo Game
Clumsy Thief Game
Money Match Cards

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