Pirate Resources and a Freebie!

AARRGHH Matey! It's international, Talk Like a Pirate Day! Do you use the theme, pirates, in your classroom? I have a few resources and ideas to share with you with a theme of pirates. These ideas can be used for 2nd-4th grade classrooms. Scroll down to read more. 
sort and pasteSort into Categories using Literacy and Math Cut and Paste Worksheets has a Pirate theme. These worksheets are perfect for 1st and 2nd Grade classrooms. There are 51 worksheets that include math or literacy skills. Students cut–out the 10 tabs at the bottom of the worksheet. They sort the 10 tabs into 2 or 3 categories and glue them onto the empty boxes according to the category. 

Click the picture to see all the skills that are used in thie pack. They include 29 literacy worksheets and 22 math worksheets.

Click below for a Free trial of the cut and paste worksheets from above. 

Free Pirate Cut and Paste Worksheet using SyllablesPirate Cut and Paste Rounding Worksheet

Pirate Worksheets
Are you working on money? This pack has 24 worksheets all about counting quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies. There are a variety of worksheets to practice this skill. Use the worksheets for extra practice or send home for homework.
 Pirate Worksheets
I also have a pirate theme using money in task card form. Students count the pirate's treasure or match task cards. Students use the task cards to count, use with recording sheets at a center, or with a few fun games boards that are included. If you love pirates, you will love this set! It's perfect for 2nd graders. 
Coin Exchange GamePirates Treasure for Counting Coins

There Their TheyreAre you working on homophones? I have a pack of activities for the words; there, their, and they're. Students will surely use these three words correctly when writing. Click the pictures to see this resource up close.  
there their theyrehomophones there their

Here are some fun and cute pirate resources that I found on Amazon that you may like:
Pirate Party Supplies
Hats and Eye Patches
Treasure Map
Gold Coins and Treasures
Skeleton Keys
Pirate Props
Pirate Stickers
Pirates Don't Go to Kindergarten
Treasure Chest
Pirate Circle Stickers
Reward Charts
Pirate Incentive Charts
Pizza for Pirates - book

I also have a friend who has a blog with a pirate theme. You'll love Linda's ideas and activities for older students in 3rd-5th. Click below to be taken to her blog. 

Pirate Queen Teaching Treasures

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