Tutoring Progress Report

Do you tutor over the summer? If you do, I have a progress report you can use when you tutor or for your tutoring business. I leave this progress report after each tutoring session. It is very helpful for parents. They have something in writing about the skills their child is working on and how they’re doing on each of those skills. It also makes note of their child’s behavior while tutoring. It also acts as proof or a receipt that I was there. Many parents keep the report and then it's easy for me to look back at what we did during our session and what we still need to work on. 
 Tutoring Progress Report
Here is an example:
 Tutoring Progress Report
You might be able to use these for notes to parents for students who are on individual behavior plans. Parents would love to see how their child is doing in class. Hopefully you can use this progress report. These are great communication tools for parents.

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