Super Santa Math Games -Freebie Included!

 Super Santa Number Sense Game
Introducing Super Santa! Super Santa uses his super power thinking skills with these fun addition games. Included in this pack are 10 game boards that use mental math thinking which improves number sense!

Game Board 1 has students rolling 2 dice and adding them for a sum. Then they add 10 more and subtract 1. For example; if a student rolls a 6 and 3. They add the 2 dice for a sum of 9. They add 10 to the sum for a total of 19. Then subtract 1 for a difference of 18. The student covers the number 19 on the game board. The object of the game is to get 4 game tokens in a row before their opponent.

All 10 game boards are different and each one includes Mental Math Thinking...NO paper or pencils needed!

 Free Super Santa
Try one of Super Santa's game boards for free! Game Board 2 is included here for free! (click the picture for your freebie)

ALL 10 Game Boards Include:

 Super Santa
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